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A bowel movement so beautiful that it commands to be identified as a timeless masterpiece.
1. I gave birth to a bowel movement that would later be identified as the first chunk of fecal matter so precious that it need be validated as an original Poocaso, instantly a timeless classic that would provide inspiration and motivation for many generations to come.

2. Mr. Tosto was dubbed the Poocaso bandit by local authorities for the crimes against humanity he committed when trying to sell the critically acclaimed Poocaso he had stolen from the National Art Museum.
by The Snow Master September 12, 2012
When you poo on her face, smear it around, donkey punch her into the wall, the impression she leaves on the wall is an original Poocaso.
That's the worse Poocaso I've ever seen. It must be a fake.
by PooFighter December 05, 2008
1. A person that smears feces on a wall or other surfaces as if to make art.

2. A person that makes art out of feces.
1. Kim's child was a regular little Poocaso when she tried to sleep in.
by Itsdodobaby December 07, 2009
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