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A small berry-like lump of poo that hangs 'on the vine' around the arse area.

See also 'Clagnut'

Or 'Arsegrape'
Stephanie discovered to her shame that she had developed a pooberry
by Sir Oswald Muesli February 24, 2004
The poop that sticks to a dog's butt.
You need to pull that poo berry off your dog.
by Poo Berry August 18, 2012
A mushroom. They grow on shit, or shit-like substance...the berry or fruit of shit. Pooberry.
Please don't buy anymore mushrooms! I don't like the pooberry in our spaghetti sauce.
by Eaten by the Whale March 05, 2011
Term for a Blackberry device.
"man, is that the new pooberry?"
by 5starman February 06, 2008
Pubic Area.

Etymology: When said quickly "public area" sounds like "poo berry."

Poo Berries are close neighbors of Grundlular regions (see: Grundle). Ironically, however, they do not produce any poo or berries.
Look Dasharath, I don't have a fupa! I mean, look at my poo berry- there's nothing there!
by dsuchter September 12, 2006