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PooWad:Noun: A large steaming pile of compressed faeces. Often found in homeless people's pants after taking a bus ride. Conspicous by its bad odour and bulge in the back of the pants. People suffering a poowad often seem blissfully unaware of its existance.

Poowad: Adjective: A person who is very annoying, like a fowl stench.
Usage example:

Adjective: I met this poowad called Roofus in Brisabane.
Noun: I believe sir has a poowad in his pants
by Corky McRoofus March 19, 2008
-an asshole of a person.

-somone ugly enough to be mistaken for a five foot eightish lump of shit.

-a big lump of poo. see dingleberry.
"you fucking poowad!"
"wow, shes a real poowad."
"i cant get this goddam poowad outa my ass hair."
by JWAYNE December 01, 2005
The clump of poo that gets stuck in your butthair if you dont wipe properly. Becomes a bitch to yank out if too dry.
I sent shivers up my spine when I yanked out a poowad after a long night of drinking.
by Spartacus Baines September 26, 2003

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