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A low grade form of hashish typically bought when no other source of marijuana can be found.
-"Hey man you got any weed to sell me?"

-"sorry man i've only got poo bar."
by seniorsack August 24, 2009
(n) the fecal matter that is excreted from the anus that tends to back up a toilet or whole septic system.

Sometimes, a person may actually feel the scat snaking it's way down their intestinal track before it becomes it's final form in the toilet.

Gas may accompany this person for many hours before expelling a poobar.
Seth: I feel a poobar brewing in my system. Should have to go anytime now, with all the farts I been letting out.

Sarah: Yeah... No kidding!!!
by geckopaws February 08, 2011
energy bars (i.e. powerbars, et al) which have the appearance of a turd.
'That poobar sure looks mighty delicious!'
by TwizeeK January 23, 2004
Cheap pot that's got all kinds of chems and plastics in it to bulk it out
Jay: Hey man just got some pot on the cheap, doesn't seem right...
Jimmy: Probably poobar man, next time score some green.
by T@richards October 20, 2011
A colloquial description for hashish, referring to the appearance.
Can you get me an eigth of poobar please.
by L-Tron May 12, 2008
The bar of soap that is reserved exclusively for your anus.
"Dude, you smell like ass. I hope you used the Ivory and not the Safeguard, thats the poobar."
by tontothetablist April 11, 2006
A carbohydrate based food stuff sold in foil packets that looks suspiciousy like poo.

Quaker Oat Granola Bars, Luna Bars, Power Bars, etc . . . . .
" Hey man, don't you want some soy lecithin in your diet ? "

" No thanks, bro . . . I don't eat poo bars. "
by Cock A Billy June 13, 2007
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