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Cheap pot that's got all kinds of chems and plastics in it to bulk it out
Jay: Hey man just got some pot on the cheap, doesn't seem right...
Jimmy: Probably poobar man, next time score some green.
by T@richards October 20, 2011
The random incoherent half baked ramblings of a resident Corner friend see Corner friend
Matt: Hey look a segway!
Tom: It's like a tricycle, similar to the time I burnt down that shed whilst naked...
Matt: uhh... that's real CornerLogic right there...
by T@richards October 20, 2011
Similar to a tag along but you keep them around because they are occasionally funny. Often found dwelling in the corner of social circles.
Sam: Man I'm really bored...
Tom: *says some random shit*
Sam: Haha, this is why we keep you around tom, you're a real corner friend...
by T@richards October 20, 2011
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