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(n) the fecal matter that is excreted from the anus that tends to back up a toilet or whole septic system.

Sometimes, a person may actually feel the scat snaking it's way down their intestinal track before it becomes it's final form in the toilet.

Gas may accompany this person for many hours before expelling a poobar.
Seth: I feel a poobar brewing in my system. Should have to go anytime now, with all the farts I been letting out.

Sarah: Yeah... No kidding!!!
by geckopaws February 08, 2011
Clumps of fur and pet dander in the shape of a ball or nugget. Long hair cats have a tendency to shed more and therefore more fur tends to come off of their body.

Often stuck onto carpet or flooring, because of in-house traffic. It has to be sucked up with a vacuum hose or picked up with your own hands.

Sometimes a cat sheds so much fur, furnugs create carpet on top of the carpet or floor that is already there.
Kyle: Ewww. Look at all those furnugs on the carpet we could open up a carpet business!!

Patty: I know, my cat sheds a lot. The only problem with that is some people are allergic to cats.
by geckopaws November 22, 2010
pee bar (n.)

A magic bar that appears when your bladder is full. It is often in reference to video game fanatics. As your bladder empties, the pee bar animated, slowly retreats back to nothing.
Video game nerd (1): My pee bar is full.

Video game nerd (2): Better go empty it before it explodes.

Both snort and giggle.
by geckopaws February 13, 2012
blowjrawal (v.) blow - j - rawal

Having gone to long without a blow job and starting to experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms include but are not excluded to masturbating to non appealing porn, or giving yourself a Stranger.
It's been like a month since I've gotten a BJ from my girlfriend (boyfriend), I've even started to weird bondage porn just to masturbate!

Dude, your going through blowjrawal.
by geckopaws February 13, 2012

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