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Similar to an upper decker in nature, but instead of pooping into the toilet tank, the pooper deficates onto the overturned tank lid. The tank lid is then placed on the closed toilet seat and presented like a platter. The bathroom door is then closed to allow the odor to fill the room.
Steve is going to barf when he walks into the bathroom and finds the poo poo platter I made for him.
by TheBizIzKing May 30, 2011
Poopoo platter is a variation on name of the the Chinese dish; pupu platter. Poopoo platter refers to a load of shit left in a toilet thoughtfully left for you by the previous occupant. Generally by the time you've discovered the delicacy, it's turned the toilet water a murky brown, as the turds have started to disintegrate.
Hey asshole, didn't your mother teach you how to flush a toilet?! The next time I find a load of your poopoo platter left in the toilet, you're gonna eat it!
by Big Ed Moustapha June 22, 2009
A word told to someone who cries(moans, complains) over something that has happened or when there complaining about something. It could be for a really big or really small reason. Almost saying "to bad", "Who gives a fuck", or "Get over it" At the same time it can also be used for sympathy for the one who just got screwed over.
Guy 1 "You guys never tell me anything!!"
Guy 2 "Poopooplatter Guy 1, just shut the fuck up"
by Lebronthewise December 04, 2010
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