When something doesn't sit well in your stomache, when it doesn't taste right, when you can't face eating/drinking something because you feel i'll or for whatever reason
After last nights drinking mission this afternoons pint is going down like a poo sandwich
by Spencer Richardson March 19, 2006
Top Definition
A Poo sandwich is two slices wholemeal bread, which have been layered with poo which has been softened in the microwave for just a moment of happiness and then the completed sandwich is toasted for a crispy yet delicate taste.

Also try dock leaves for the health conscious.
Mmm, i reet fancy a poo sandwich.. all toasty and soft yum! :)
by Sunbeamftw April 17, 2011
quite literally,
a sandwich of poo. :)

person1: omg, youre such a bitch.
person2: what the hell? what did i do you you?
1: i hate you.
2: go eat a poosandwich.
by ronaaaaaaaaaaald. December 08, 2008
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