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Poo Butter is one of the ultimate paybacks to your mortal enemy, or failing that, a superbly disgusting prank that will make you the most outcast, hated human being on your friends' lists.

Simply sneak into your victims kitchen and take a tub of butter or margarine from the fridge. Take the tub and place it in the microwave for 1 - 2 minutes to reduce the butter/marg into a liquid.

Pour this liquid in to an empty receptacle, such as a bowl or glass, and put it to the side.

Now, take the empty butter/marg container and defecate into it. Once this filthy task is complete, pour the liquid butter/marg on top of your defecation, replace the lid, then place the butter/marg back in to the fridge.

Soon, the butter/marg will re-solidify, completely hiding the deathly secret you have laid withing. Your hapless victim will start using the butter, until one day, as the level recedes, they start scraping a peculiar substance out of the tub that is definately not butter. Cruel isn't it?

Poo butter is a suggested tactic for situations such as:

- Domestic Arguments
- Fights with siblings
- Hated co-workers
- Nasty neighbours
by Dr Landers April 24, 2006
1.a slimy poop substance that is usually very runny, soggy or total liquid.
2.The substance R.Kelly dumps on under-age girls
God, that poobutter was so wet.
by the turd word November 16, 2005
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