A rubber or elastic hair tie. So named because they are used to put hair into ponytails and they look like o's.
Look at Terry's new pony o. It looks exactly like the ones I got last week!
by don't touch my hair fatass March 17, 2005
Top Definition
Standard Ponyo Unit. Derived from the movie Ponyo, where Ponyo is a small being that nearly destroys the world by being so hyperactive and enthusiastic. Used to describe the energy level of extremely hyper girlfriends--especially where normal energy units are insufficiently small.

2-5 Ponyos is considered the average energy level for a hyper girlfriend. When below 1 Ponyo the subject is deemed to be in a 'sub-Ponyo' state. While normally 1 Ponyo would be more than enough energy to last any 3rd world country indefinitely, this is considered a depressive state for such a being. At the upper end, 25 Ponyos is the localized equivalent of global thermonuclear war.
My girlfriend Asha just ate too much candy! She's now at 10 Ponyos and rising! RUN!!!
by the_git October 25, 2009
A synonym for extremely cute.
Person 1: Look at my new puppy!!

Person 2: Oh, that's pretty cute. It's not Ponyo, but it's cute.
by Funny Bunny #97 August 18, 2009
To describe a fish or a small child. From the movie, "Ponyo". Depending on the context of the conversation, it could mean either.
"You're such a ponyo"
"It smells like ponyo in here."
by ametz555555 August 30, 2009
Innapropriate/sexual actions involving a guy.
I heard Suzanna and Ben were ponyoing in the janitor's closet last Friday.
by emilyiskickass September 30, 2010
Ponyo; noun
deprived the the japanese horror film Ponyo
Used in place of retard or fatty, used as an insult
Describes someone extremely fat either physically or mentally
Brian ate all the poptarts!!
He's such a PONYO
by snipples August 12, 2010
A Japanese cartoon that gave everyone in my family a chronic headache for weeks. Seriously
I have a headache, I must have watched Ponyo
by Whatthehellahhhcomeon July 11, 2010
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