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The act of which a man and/or woman gets buck nasty with any horse breed available. Usually resulting in a nasty cumshot not worth viewing if you have recently eaten.
Sean- "dude, lets go to the pony show tonight!!!!!"

Zack- "nah, im pretty sure my mom is the host."

Sean- "oooooh.....well in that case....ill see ya later, ill tell you how it goes."
by evodrift19 January 05, 2011
A deed so degrading as to bring down the caliber of not only your friends, but the whole species
I can't believe Krystal actually lifted her shirt up at a Justin Bieber concert..that girl is so ponyshow.
by windowlicker75 October 22, 2010
Dancing like a little bitch for a white hoe.
Then whippin yo salami stick out and slappin that bitch wit it.
Kelsey - "I want a Pony-Show, Trevor!"
Trevor - "No just let me finger you baby!"
Kelsey - "Fuck You, No Pony Show Equals No Pussy"
Trevor - "Okay then, drop a beat."

moaning/groaning continues with the music...
by Rovert Yr January 18, 2009
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