pretentious twat
Matt wrote in his music essay, 'when one listens to romantic music, one can't help but be taken in to it's flowing, expressive bijoux'. Harry says to matt, 'you ponse Matt, you utter ponse'. Matt is indulging in some ponsery
by Haziloolicus June 05, 2010
A ska band from Whitehaven, Cumbria, northern England. It is made up of talented teenage boys. They so far have been more-than-averagely successful in the three years they have been together.
Ponse fan: "Yo KV!"
KV just carries on saxophoning.
by flabbypenguin June 07, 2007
It means gay. If ur called it i feel sorreh for you.
OMG that dude is so ponse
by Danniz August 11, 2005
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