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A term for the rectal self-administering a drug (often of illicit nature)

The term originated sometime in 2011 on the IRC chatroom for a famous underground website that facilitates the buying and selling of drugs. But it is not known exactly how, when or why it first started being used.

And although its use was orignally restricted to a small group of maybe 50 people who frequented the chatroom, its use has started to spread among "Cyber-Druggies".
and it use is even starting to show up in high schools.
Billy wanted to get as high as possible from his stash of MDMA. So after much deliberation, He decided to Pongle it.
by The Doctor of Gonzo September 08, 2012
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To have sex with someone. I made it up one day on IRC. See pongling.
Hey Ashley, wanna pongle?
by Spikeh March 16, 2005

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