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usk is NOT abbreviated for "just kidding".

usk is shorted for "you suck". You all obviously suck.
"Omfg I pwn j00 all at CSz0r, fgts."
"No, usk."
by Spikeh December 01, 2004
Tech support demi-god on GameSpy Arcade.
<HELPAvatar>What seems to be the problem?
by Spikeh July 01, 2004
Another name for your penis. Related to pongle
Spikeh asks Ash if she wants to see his pongle-stick.
by Spikeh September 15, 2005
Having sex. Comes from pongle which I made up one day in IRC.
Spikeh is away pongling Ashley
by Spikeh December 15, 2004
To have sex with someone. I made it up one day on IRC. See pongling.
Hey Ashley, wanna pongle?
by Spikeh March 16, 2005
Online gaming program with support for hundreds of games and millions of users.
<User1>Want to go play a game?
<User2>Sure, load up Arcade...
by Spikeh July 01, 2004
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