Ponding is the action of drinking champagne or similar alcoholic drink from a person's anus.
Nice one matey - you really have yourself a ponding!
by Rob S January 13, 2005
Top Definition
When you live in a place that has no beaches to tan, one must resort to tanning by a pond.
Waterloo doesn't have a single beach for tanning. So we had to go ponding instead.
by UWaterloo August 19, 2009
Having all of the following attributes:

1. Acting like a dumbass by flexing one's hips uncontrollably, sniffing up an enlarged nose, and eating dead babies and storing them under your desk half-eaten.

2. Complains when someone Sexually harasses you by screaming "Beaver" and then running.

3. Forgetting to shower, thus smelling like pond algae...
"Julian, stop ponding our next door neighbor and come eat your dinner!"
by J00lesC March 19, 2009
The art of joining a drinking session without notice, invite or connection to the session attendees.

Ponding was developed by Elizabeth Pond of Keswick in 1993
Rupert was having a dull time at his Great Aunt's party. The food was stale and the banter worse. He then spotted an interesting crowd in the suite next door and thought he may as well go ponding.
by Invitation December 12, 2008
To admire ones own image
On video, in shop windows, listening to recordings of self and getting stuck in front of mirrors - like Narcissus looking at himself in the pond, but with a 21st century twist. i.e.: Jonathan spent ages ponding in Selfridges' window.
by Kafka129 December 24, 2006
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