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A high school for winners located in Southbury, Connecticut. Students here respect Stem and party in the bowl all while getting a kick ass public education.
"I go to Pomperaug"
"Wow, what a winner"
#southbury #middlebury #high school #connecticut #pomp
by FlamingoUniverse July 18, 2009
This school is located in between Southbury and Middlebury, which are two of the most amazing towns in the universe. People who live here are so cool that when we walk around people in China have orgasms. A well known fact is that Jesus actually attended this school before he became famous.
"Dude I tried to tell my girlfriend about pomperaug and the minute I said it she screamed, fell over, and grew a cock"

"Dude, what's pompe...AAAAAHAHAHAH"
*Dying and living and dying and living. In between orgasms. Due to the mere thought of knowing what Pomperaug is.

Passerby - "I had to run away because the mere glimpse of it made my balls explode"

"Amazing, badass, sexy" - The Pope
#awesome #champion #amazing #sexy #godlike
by MDCthisdefinitionisthebest November 22, 2009
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