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A word used to describe the complicated and intricate entanglements of being in polyamorous relationships. Often associated with frustrating nature of jealousy vs compersion, time management, and trying to remember the seemingly endless web of connectivity between people involved in polyamory.
observer 1: How come Ben and Carly are here together? I thought Carly always spent the weekends with Patricia?

Observer 2: Ah, well Carly and Patricia had a disagreement on wednesday about how much time Patricia was spending with Michelle and Patrick, so Carly decided to spend the weekend with Ben, and then when Ben goes on holiday with his boyfriend Noah, Carly and Patricia are going to sit down and talk about their feelings, and decide whether they are still each other's primary partner or if the dynamic has shifted. There's a lot of polytics involved.
by Phoenyx999 May 12, 2011
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Poly:the Greek word for many and the English word tic:blood-sucking leaches.
Teachers, priests, and other church-people are polytics.
by Hallie_Morgan October 21, 2010

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