A derrogative term for a polish person.

" man i was in wakefield today and there were so many polski's by the market it was unbeleivable! "
by Hansel Ungramshaden January 17, 2008
Top Definition
This is a Polish word that in English means Polish.
Woman: Hey there's another one of those Polski again
Other woman: yeah, they came over from Poland
Woman: Hey look, there's anotehr Polski!
Other woman: Yeah, and another, and another......
by ===Idontknow=== October 27, 2007
The language of mostly W's; words may include other letters but are generaly made up of the letter W. Not many people speak Polski because of the fact that it is easily confused with the Polish language. The people who speak it are called either Polskan, Polskenese, or Polskii.
(Polski) Wwwwwwpof dsh WWwwwwwW. WWww WWWwwwwww adwwps.

(translation) My toenail salad is hot. I need some soap candy to shred on my salad.
by Chase loves money March 27, 2009
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