To use a freeway exit without actually leaving the freeway; i.e., to get on the offramp and then back onto the freeway. Usually used to bypass portions of traffic jams.
I was late for work so I took a Polish exit past the accident.
by Bombcar November 01, 2004
Top Definition
The sudden & unannounced leaving of a party, group of people, or individual without notifying anyone. There is no discernable reason, no goodbye, and no mercy.

The golden rules:

1. Be sneaky.
2. No guilty conscience.
3. Don't tell anyone.
4. Take advantage of the moment.
5. An anounced polish finish is a czech finish.
6. Don't turn around.
7. Turn off your phone.
"Wait, wasn't Drew JUST here? Where did he go?!"
"Yeah...looks like he just pulled a Polish Exit"
"That douche."
by Mr. Cheazle August 15, 2010
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