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4 definitions by Bombcar

To have inordinate amounts of knowledge about useless spelling trivia. Comes from Apple's Leopard OS 10.5.2 spellchecker that thinks it is a valid spelling.
He's quite knswledgable about the origin of fracking, the stinking grammar nazi
by bombcar March 11, 2008
Apple's iTunes Music Store.
I bought this song from the iTMS. It is the shizzle.
by Bombcar November 18, 2004
A particularly enhanced and extensive bottom; something that Sir Mixalot could get behind. First seen from Strongbad's Wiiware dev-blog.
Strong Bad attracts high class bikini ladies with his ample hind-bosom.
by bombcar May 04, 2008
To use a freeway exit without actually leaving the freeway; i.e., to get on the offramp and then back onto the freeway. Usually used to bypass portions of traffic jams.
I was late for work so I took a Polish exit past the accident.
by Bombcar November 01, 2004