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The act of filling a girl's mouth with whipped cream and then ejaculating into it.
Ben was Poling in her mouth last night before they took her to the hospital for her broken pelvis.
by Mon.Goose. November 03, 2010
To have sex in a tent
Dave and Annelise kept me up all night with their poling! Don't they realize you can hear right through those things?
by coldshowerdudes October 11, 2009
Having two people grab each of a male victim's legs, and pulling him groin-first into a fixed metal pole.
The boys decided Nigel No Friends needed a good poling.
by Hand-E-Food February 22, 2010
A crybaby or a person who can't take a joke. This person is usually a boy in the age range of 10-12 who is extremely feminine and plagued by rape fantasies.
Poling is such a faggot.
by SocAnthony December 01, 2010
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