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A horrible disease in the Pokemon games, probably the only cool sickness ever. Pokerus spreads incredibly easy and fast and it can go from one Pokemon to all Pokemon in your party. Also makes them twice as strong.
Pokerus is the best contagious illness ever!
Man, I wish my Squirtle was sick. It's acting like a bastard.
Why isn't there a Humanrus?
by Raddy-C October 30, 2009
1. pokerus is a virus that started in ruby and saphire versions of pokemon that doubled their stats and spread throughout your team. if you put a pokerus infected pokemon in your pc it will not spread. it is also twice as harder to find a wild pokemon with pokerus than finding a shining pokemon. another way to get it is if an action replay or gameshark code goes wrong and you end up with a bad egg that has pokerus.

2. a person gets sucked in to obsessing pokemon so much it becomes a pokefag.

1. oh sweet my deoxys has pokerus! now he has 512 attack! SWEET!

2. bob: hey, you know jeff caught pokerus.
john: aww really? that means...
bob: yep, he is a total pokemon fanfreak...
(jeff walks in)jeff: hi guys, you wanna see some pokemon drawings i did?
by zorak3160 February 05, 2009
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