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To be extraordinarily good at a game that people think you are cheating.
Matt: "Damn Henry is hax, that foo like gameshark"
Joe: "For real, turn that gameshark off Henry, you too gangsta."
by Arc1337 February 27, 2007
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When faced with the closed, prude legs of a female, one might go for the stimulation of the vagina by finger/s. Upon doing so, the female becomes more willing to "put out." ..... its like a cheat code.
Bitch would not let me get it in... i just gamesharked her and she opened up!!
by CoryAllen, Harji March 18, 2010
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When someone does something that is so ridiculous and abnormal that it looks like they are cheating in life. This might be a crazy action or anything that seems to defy physics or common sense.
"Yeah last night Geoff and Purdy gamesharked and won life!"
by The Dream Team February 26, 2007
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