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Poin (v)- To point at someone with authority and typos. (N) A definition, with typo.
(Adj) A sharp object, with typo (Poiny)
by MickeyTGardener April 21, 2003
Short for poin-dexter.
hey! nice shirt poin!
by Gabe Edwards December 12, 2003
Someone who is a lazy prick.
Hey, that guy Mike is poins.
by Everdude August 16, 2004
The major idea or essential part of a concept or narrative, with typo
You have missed the whole poin of the novel.
by PharaohMobius April 23, 2003
(n) A significant, outstanding, or effective idea, argument, or suggestion.
Your poin is well taken.
by PharaohMobius April 23, 2003
a penis
your being a complete poin...

uh ohh my poins hangin out
by Ryan da shitter August 31, 2010
Poin is a very special word. It was invented way back when, when two yongsters, very much like yourselves, were typing, and decided they like to type the word 'point'. Over a long period of time. That word, (according to these two cool cats) evolved into 'poin', meaning yess/to concur/or banana. SPREAD THIS GROOVY WORD AROUND!!!!
Person A: Do you live in Montgomery ((hell hole)))
Person B: Poin.

Person A: WOuld you like a poin?
Person B: Yes, they are very healthy for you.
by Elysa and Jenya June 28, 2004

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