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'Pocketfriend', or 'Pocketfrand'.

A friend you text alot; theoretically, lives inside your pocket/phone.

Also can be defined as: pocketwife, pocket-in-law, etc.

Note: pocket relatives do not actually have to be blood related and/or legally married to you to qualify for pocket-relative position. You do not need to be homosexual for a pocketspouse of the same gender.
"Who's Erin?"
"Oh, she's my pocketfriend. We text a lot."

"Who the eff are you texting all the time?"
by PocketwifeRachael July 08, 2009
one group of friends that you keep separate from another group for fear of incompatibilty or just lazyness
Peter is my pocket friend.
by Rebekah Browder January 12, 2011
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