something commonly found in one's pocket that looks like something commonly found in ones bellybutton mixed with dirt, hair and bits of everything
here you go, i was keeping it in my pocket. Sorry about all of the pocket lint on it
by diamond April 25, 2005
Top Definition
A word derived from the lint found at the bottom of your hoodies or jeans. Simply translated, pocket lint means weed.
"I just got a dime of pocket lint" or "Do up that P.L."
by 'Tits June 18, 2007
something left behind by small orphans when they try to pick your pockets and find no money, they leave this behind so that there may be evidence of their existence as they are not normally noticed by people as no one cares about them.
omg i found pocket lint in my pocket a orphan must have visted my pocket
by tehchaos August 14, 2011
a person/friend that will provide you with sexual favors at the drop of a hat.
At a bar...trying to pick up women. You notice that "pocket lint" is there. You try to pick up other women in the meantime, and if you are unsuccessful, old reliable "pocket lint" is there ready to go home with you.
by Troy C. June 08, 2006
Exs that never seem to go to far away and always seem to be stuck in your pocket no matter if you think you remove them or not there they are
My pocket lint called me on the phone last night telling me how much they love and miss me they can't seem to understand I have moved one
by Peanut Kitteh November 10, 2008
From Roanoke Rapids,NC. One Of The best underground Hip Hop Artists out there. His 1st Mixtape Entitled "Rhyme & Reason" Has Been said to be the best Mixtape Of The 2010.
Man Did you Hear that New Pocket Lint Track? It Was Hot!
by Hip Hop Underground December 16, 2010
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