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when u drank too much ,, yea that feeling
man im soooo plastered ,, lets go home and drink more,,, hehehe
by Diamond March 08, 2003
Fag, also (chi chi man) homosexual
Richard holiness is a BATTY MAN
by Diamond November 10, 2004
In Reply To or In Response To
Blaze: Can anybody help me??
Luke: IRT Blaze Yes I can.
by Diamond January 10, 2004
Little bits of material that gather in between the keys on a keyboard. See also pocket lint
Eww, that keyboard is disgusting. Look at all the lint in it.
by diamond April 24, 2005
something commonly found in one's pocket that looks like something commonly found in ones bellybutton mixed with dirt, hair and bits of everything
here you go, i was keeping it in my pocket. Sorry about all of the pocket lint on it
by diamond April 25, 2005
Clean or tight
Yo outfit is dumb stuby where u got that from?
by Diamond November 28, 2003
a person who can get a person with his/her mack game,but not by his/her look
say male approaches a female ,but she thinks he is sort of nice then he starts
sweet talkin' her and they go out.
by diamond July 29, 2003
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