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An exclusively Asian person who is under your control, as either
1. The smart kid who does all your work for you
2. A boyfriend/girlfriend
3. A personal slave/servant
1. Hey, where's my pocket Asian? I need the calculus homework.
2. Have you seen Vik's pocket Asian? She's really hot, and I hear she makes good rice.
3. My pocket Asian, Wu Yu Kwan, doesn't mind carrying my books.
by Jeremy Tuttle November 16, 2005
An Asian that easily fits anywhere one chooses to place it. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on how one uses it.
Compliment: “I passed my math test because of my pocket Asian.” give thumbs up
Insult: “Your girl must have left you since you were a pocket Asian!” insert evil laugh
by BishiBower September 10, 2009
A petite Asian girl.
Wow check out that Pocket Asian leaning on that rice rocket.
by Richard Christensen December 20, 2003
racist offensive term. Jeremy Tuttle go to hell
pocket asian is a racist term just like porch monkey
by minkaEn August 14, 2009
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