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-Adj. (Pobe-lay) Poor baby, Poor thing. Often referring to cute, small, furry, live objects: toy dog breeds, relatively little mammals, or rodents.

The word is a "white-washed" mispronunciation of the phrase "poor thing!" translated into Spanish such as, "pobrecito!". The word "cito" (thing) is dropped and the "br" in "pobre" (poor) turns into an "l" sound (white-washed Spanish). Pobrecito -> Pobre -> Poble

Look at that baby rat dying in the gutter! What a poble.

Aww, isn't my yorkshire terrier such a poble?
by TattoosOfShipsAndTattoosOfTear April 19, 2009
verb, derived from "pen" and "enable", meaning to enable a pen to write by pushing the button at the end of the pen or by twisting it.
1.During exams I often sit and poble and unpoble my pen for a long time before deciding what to write.

2. When people are nervous they sometimes poble and unpoble their pen without putting anything down on paper.
by Elli Deleanu October 29, 2006
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