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Vagina, specifically Lindsay Lohan's waxed pubis.

Coined in the late-2006 song "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge", by Pase Rock & Spank Rock.
"Take your panties off / show your baby rat."
by G3KG3K January 22, 2007
A girls pubic hair (or lack of) from the age 10-14
A classification rather then a word your going to throw around willy nilly... Possibly used by young boys in the playground joking about.

"Did you see Hannah's baby rat George? What was it like?"
by TheFlyingBadger May 28, 2012
BABY RAT: young sluts... the kind or girl that has probablly slept with you and four of your best homies... Usually lazy as hell and stupid..they are known to party a lot.. easy to take advantage of, hard to get rid of.
Im so tired of these fucking baby rats.
by mr.yayo October 10, 2007
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