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Police; Cops
Shit, drop your weed, son! That's the Po9!
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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a sketchie polic officer
Yo check out that Po9 you better put that shit away.
by Jason April 18, 2004
Police. Po-Po. The Fuzz.
The po-9's came and we had to ditch the pot and scat.
by Mutinous Messiah November 23, 2002
1. Slang term for police. The term is generally used for local police, who presumably don't know what they're doing.
person 1: "Ohh shit son, was that a statey?"
person 2: "Naw kid, that was just some donut-sucking, bacon-backed po 9."
by B-Gullek September 01, 2007
Fat police officers who stand outside of kids rooms on choir trips to make sure they don't get any action.
The Po-9, with their shoes, are the biggest bacon on the planet.
by Danny Paps October 08, 2003
A police dog.
"Hey look! There's the po-po with his po-9!"
by Ali & Friends January 25, 2004

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