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15 definitions by holmes

the cops, the police
oh shit! the po po is after us!
by holmes December 04, 2002
1142 169
Spanish for "beach"
Vamos a la playa.
by Holmes July 30, 2003
1314 532
the act of the penis getting hard/stimulated/an erection
the boy announces to the class that he has a hardon.
by Holmes December 04, 2002
504 160
for a man to wear his pants/shorts without any unserwear on
because it was free ball friday, he did not wear underwear.
by Holmes December 04, 2002
104 22
someone who like to nibble at a penis or two for pure enjoyment, and derives from cock sucker. it can also be used as an insult
you f**kin willy muncher
by holmes September 14, 2004
8 1
Acing a pimp, g dog mofo ghetto fool.
holmes is pimp action
by holmes December 10, 2002
14 11
A rather enormous, gigantic and beastly holmes (aka penis) that is usually oiled and shiny. It is also extremely disproportionate to the owner's body, hangs to the knee or lower and veers off at an angle.
I be useing the ol' cocklione like a pogo stick.
by Holmes September 15, 2003
3 1