P'n'L stands for Peace and Love. It is a word used to describe popular girls who think that they are better and of a higher class then anyone else.PnLs usually have multiple boyfriends and blonde hair. Lots of them are pretty, but most of them just think they are. They all look the same and wear converse and/or Abercrombie and fitch. Pnls often tell each other how pretty/funny they are to keep up their self esteem.
Typical p'n'l convo:
pnl1: Omg did you hear? (name) broke up with (name) last night
pnl2: I heard he was, like, cheating on her
pnl1: Omg!
pnl2: She is such a (censored)
pnl1: totally ! he is so hot
pnl2: You should ask him out
pnl1: no, im so ugly
pnl2: No you are so gorgeous and DEEP(lol)
by Annichani April 29, 2010
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