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The act of stuffing ones testicles into a womans' vagina.
I'm totally going to plumb bob that bitch!
by Riggatoni January 16, 2011
fisting someone in the anus until widen, then place balls into anus until it tightens, then sing.
Daniel just gave Rachel a Plumb bob
by Penguins on LSD February 18, 2015
The repeated act of inserting and totally withdrawing an erect penis in the female anus all the way up to and sometimes including the testicals and scrotum.

Nigel: Gee Sharon, your arse looks good enoughe to plumbbob it all night long.
Sharon: Oh my god Nigel, do you really think you could plumbbob me all night long?
by Mr Brodie July 25, 2006
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