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1) A old woman's pussy that smells like fish
2) Insulting term aimed at someone shrewd
1) DAMN! Check out that old plout
2) Ho, yous a plout.
by Dashpunk February 08, 2008
1: A hybrid fruit that is very sweet

2: A women's vagina that is abnormaly large or fat.
This Plout is very sweet!

Dude that girl is so fat she totally has a Plout...
by BNelson28 September 23, 2009
1. Word invented by some crappy looking emo fag. Actually gay connoted. Sometimes means "hello", sometimes "bye" but always has a bitchy meaning.

2. Crappy looking emo fag.
Emo fag : Ploutplout.

Robert : Go slit your wrists you emo bitch !
by .Plout June 26, 2007