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One bad ass motherfucker. No joke about it.
That guys is such a Ploo.
by Plooski July 23, 2011
This is the Afrikaans word to describe the space between the anus and scrotum. In English, this would be a more descriptive word for the perineum.
My oh my, my ploos sure is itchy.

Jy is nee a doos nie, jy is a ploos.
by KG_1234 April 21, 2011
It's like a giant cookie wrapped in pants.
So I was doing this word search, and found the letters "ploo" in order, so we made a definition for it and used it to better humanity.
by YourSpleen June 28, 2012
a cool girl with particularily funky style and especially hilarious tendencies
"she is SO ploo compared to that skanky bitch over there"

by Kangily November 09, 2006
Ploo is a response to any type of question, answer, or statement. It can be positive or negative, and is usualy delivered when you are uncertain of what to say. Therefore It is the perfect response to anything said to you. (Unless that anything is "I'm Pregnant" in which case instead of saying "Ploo" you should run or deliver a swift punch to the ovaries, killing the unborn child thus eliminating your problem.)
"Yo, sorry i cant go to the movies tonight"
" Well, ploo."

by Daniel Doheny August 24, 2006
an extraordinary large shite of immense proportions!
a big masseye jobby = ploo
by PLOOMEISTER January 15, 2007
Adj. 1. To mess with somthing or someone
Plural Ploos to mess with multipal people or things
"Dude your plooing with my keyboard"
by Fiji September 27, 2006
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