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To upload data from your personal computer to a server.
"Please plont this weeks assigment."

"Wow! great picture, man! Plont it!"
#plont #upload #server #filesharing #data
by Del Kuk February 12, 2007
PLONT is an acronym for Persons of Little Or No Taste. It may be used to describe a person or a situation. It refers to people who may enjoy bad movies, crappy food or the occasional wrestling match. Plonts may think they have genuine taste while POTs (Persons Of Taste) know far better.

I saw it on the movie listings and tuned in (though it WAS about 1/3rd of the way through...but that DOES NOT really matter). Once I saw the two leather-clad female henchmen I said, "Ka-CHING! PLONT BABY!"

- quotation from a movie blog.
#taste #unrefined #uncultured #crude #coarse
by MasterWoodsman July 17, 2006
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