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Someone who randomly appears in online games and forums under the name "plompy." He is well known for mastering anything overnight and getting everything free with his cunning "I'm a cute girl" Teqnique.
LegendofMir: plompy/ hilo
GraalOnline: plompy/plompy2
Continuum: plompy
Gunbound: plompy/ xXTYSoXx
PSO 1&2 GC: TYSo

Deus Ex: Unknown
Soldat: plompy.

Plompy is a very respected member of the gaming community and should always be remembered.

Long live PLOMPY!!
by Gillium March 29, 2005
6 6

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To recieve a blowjob while you are taking a shit.
I need the toliet, fancy giving me a plompy?
by Neebur June 06, 2009
8 2