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Slang for the word "Nothing" or "Gone"
"My bank account is plit"
"There ain't plit about you in my records"
by dj.TMcR March 20, 2006
A enlarged clitoris (clit is slang for clitoris) that resembles a small penis. A lot of women body builders have a Plit.
"Dude! did you see that chick rockin' that fatty plit at the gym ?"
by GnarlyMilk* April 15, 2010
Basically, the entire Mario Universe. Isle Dlefino, Rougeport, Donut Plains, World 1-3,The castles plumbing system(original Mario Bros.) ALL of them.
Mario and Luigi lives in Plit.
by Luigifan12 January 13, 2005
A very small amount of marijuana that is smoked or consumed, such as a roach.
Mike smoked a plit and acted high.
by NaMGeN October 07, 2007