Plies born Algernod Lanier Washington on July 1, 1976. The rapper derived the stage name Plies from hometown Fort Myers that calls most money-making drug dealers by the slank. He grew up in the small stateside of East Dunbar and as soon as graduating from Fort Myers High School in 1994, Plies pursued his passion in music. He became interested in rap and joined his older brother Ronell Levatte to run Big Gates Record

He never dreamed of stepping out beyond what he got and he never even realized his capability. Plies, a rapper from Fort Myers, Florida helped people reaching their success in music but initially didn't know that his talent was what the industry have been dying for. Debut album 'The Real Testament' was sold more than 96,000 units in the first week of its release, dethroning Common from his comfortable seat at #2 in Billboard Hot 200. Few weeks prior to that, his first single 'Shawty' featuring T-Pain peaked at #10 in Billboard Singles Chart, earning him a reputation hard to compete. Next he will release a new single called 'Hypnotized' that receives the production of the unquestionable Akon and the singer slash producer's guest feature

Latest Albums
The Real Testment
Defenition Of Real
Da REAList
Damn Plies Is So Sexy
by ...???????... May 09, 2009
a real nigga...some ppl ,ight say plies means fake but them is just da fuck niggas he talk about in his songs. they cant be plies
when u see a real nigga, you say wats good plies
by real niggas June 04, 2009
tha act of fuckin(sex)sumbody
hey me n corey did tha plies last night
by noybbytchs January 30, 2009
A dumbass but cool and crazy nigga who thinks plies is the same as saying pliers.
Interviewer: what does plies mean.
Plies: you know its the shit you use to tighten other shit.
Interviewer: ...... you mean pliers?
Plies: ........ uhhhhhh
by shawtee September 15, 2007
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