Masturbating and watching online porn.
See porn addict , liar , loser
"I can't talk now I'm training my pikachu to bone that charzard, shit I mean beat that charzard."

Guy:Babe, I don't watch online porn just like I promised.
Girl: What are you doing?
Guy: Playing Pokemon, boy look at those Arboks
Top Definition
1."Playing Pokemon" is a cover up, and or the act of smoking marijuana.
2. A video game, a card game, and also a tv show.
(I don't know how one would play with a tv. Other then throwing a wii remote threw it.)

Play Pokemon, playing Pokemon, and played Pokemon is all the same.
Playing Pokemon examples.

Example 1:
Hey Chong want to go play Pokemon?
When I really mean:
Hey Chong lets go smoke some dank herb, and hope we forget how to get back home.

Example 2:
I use to own an original Charizard Pokemon card when I was a kid...
However I played Pokemon with it and never kept it in good condition...

I could have sold that card and gotten a nice bong or atleast an ounce of weed with it. True Story
by wargex March 11, 2011
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