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3 definitions by ice_berg

Craccum is the Latin transation for 'shit', or so I'm told (don't hold it against me if that's incorrect, I've got dodgy sources...). It's also the magazine put out weekly by Auckland University. If you can ever get your hands on it, read it. Certain conservative people with too many convictions (and fundamentalist right-wing christians) will probably find it highly offensive, but that's no reason for you not to read it. You can write outraged letters to the editor which will provide other readers with even more entertainment. The magazine is compiled of some very humourous and witty articles. The major reason I'm such a Craccum addict is because of the style and attitude that comes through from the writers. I would attempt to describe it but I'm sure I would just do it an injustice. The only way you you can see what I'm talking about is read it.
Check out - www.craccum.com. They haven't updated it in how long but you'll still get a taste. However, I wholey recommend that you get the real deal. Nothing will compare.
by ice_berg September 23, 2004
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A beautiful twig of land in New Zealand. Has built up a huge reputation concerning artists, hippies, communes, and a whole lot of marijuana chucked in. Also known as 'the Dope Capital Of New Zealand',(I have heard people refer to Napier as this too but really - no. Napier just-just-doesn't compare.*shakes head reminiscently*)it is famed for its long history of producing some very good quality marijuana. The THC content( Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol)of Coromandel cannabis is rumoured at being higher than anywhere else in NZ.
Geographically it is compiled of a volcanic, forest-clad range, fringed with stunning ivory (beach)es and flaming pohutukawas. There are several towns along the coastline, but these are nothing special, except for perhaps Coromandel township. Thames is a hole to the highest order, and unfortunatly enough, is also the gateway to the peninsula. If you're coming to Coromandel, then don't let Thames put you off. It get's better the further north you go. It's only bad quality is the plethora of J.A.F.As that swamp it around the summer months. However an off-season visit ensures you miss these unsavoury saprophytes.
"What do ya mean, 'is this dope good'?! It's Coromandel grass, for hell's sake!"
by ice_berg September 12, 2004
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It started off as just the "porn" mag(hey come on, playboy's not really porn, it's sorta like FHM - pretty girls posing naked. Penthouse is porn cause it gets all close and personal with female's erogenous zones)but now the whole company's been exploited into a lingerei, jewelery and general merchandise label. People who are over 50 really should understand that a girl wearing a diamante playboy choker or whatever is not some sort of cheap whore you indulges daily in promiscous sexual acts. She's just a chick who recognises that playboy is now a popular, fashionable label. Thanks to Playboy, buying present for groovy, funky people under 30 (no age discrimination meant, if you are over 30 and love playboy then good on you, you're part of a very cool minority group).
"Ohmigod, that is the coolest playboy bracelt/top/bag/etc! Where did you get it?"
by ice_berg September 12, 2004
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