An Irish American who is glorified by the people of Ireland, even though many look down at Irish Americans showing extreme pride and interest in Ireland's history and culture.
If the Irish don't like Irish Americans having intense pride in their land, why is JFK's ancestral home a national monument?

American Tourist: "Hey I saw a sign for Andrew Jackson's cottage." US Tourist #2: "That name sounds familiar..."

I'm an American but I like hurling. It's pretty dirty. You fellas across the pond should check out lacrosse.

I reversed this term to point out some hypocrisy.

There's an Irish heritage regiment (with plastic paddys) in the US National Guard called the Fighting 69th; its motto: "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked." LOL at dirty connotations.
by Mad Bomber March 10, 2008
i am one of these, my father was born in ireland and so were all four of my grandparents. this makes me plastic. Hopefully not always used as an offensive term as my dad calls me it. lol.
he was born over in england, has done more research on irish history and been told every irish story his dad knows, learnt to drive on a tractor in ireland. Hes a plastic paddy.
by dox89 October 08, 2006
Plastic Paddy, A son or daughter born to an irish man or woman abroad, who reside in the home country there all there life but still consider themselves fully irish. Also any player that plays for Republic of Ireland football. See Matt Holland captain of Irish Football
That Fukin Plastic Paddy could'nt kick snow of a fukin rope
by King Geogre the 5th March 08, 2004
a plastic paddy is someone who thinks they're irish when born in any other country but ireland. could also be used to describe protestants in the south of ireland who arent irish by birth or descendancy. most plastic paddys have little or no irish blood in them and come from the states or australia.
see that st paddys day march, everyone of them a plastic paddy all wannabe's seen more irish blood when i cut meself shaving
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006

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