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noun: a mythical hobbit-like creature with a very small penis.

synonym: suckantelope.
That guy on chatroulette flashing his peen looked just like Plasmatic.
by gillyfish July 12, 2011
L33t coder, wanker. Awesomeness
Dude, You're so plasmatic!
by Tribalwar is ghey December 19, 2003
Sperm or Giz to which is very sticky.
Please, Mr. President, plasmatic all over my face.
by Gary Coleman IV June 13, 2008
1. Used to describe Someone who obssesively cuts thier arms and legs(or,) The word to describe the cutting act. 2. The way to describe a high blood pressured rant.
1. No, Jenny can't come with us to the beach, she can't even wear a swimsuit. She's in this Morrisey induced depression, and she went all plasmatic on her arms (or,) He went in the bathroom with with the butter knife again. He is such a plasmatic! 2. I'm sorry I got regular vanilla, instead of french vanilla ice cream. Do'nt go all plasmatic on me, I'll go back to the store!
by Brittany T April 17, 2008
stupid biznitches
by your momma September 02, 2003
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