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A "plarp" is the noise that occurs when a person with a fat, saggy booty plops themself into a chair and farts.
Laqueefa's plarp made the people in the surrounding seats leave the area.
by Lil' JuJu June 16, 2011
The act of upsetting someone, as seen in the popular Paul Blart posters "Don't Plarp his Bees!"
To become Plarped is to enter a state of distress, with levels of plarpage ranging from 0 (fine) to 10 (an intense buzz). Some usage: To plarp, to be plarping, to have been plarped, to engage in holy plarpage.
"My brother deleted my pokemon savefile. I had spent my entire LIFE on that! So plarped right now. FML."
by Doitsuki December 29, 2015
The sound made as feces is released into a pool of liquids
Man i dropped a load and it plarped at the bottom splashing water on my anal hole.
by Uncle Malow March 18, 2003
sound made when you slop on a big ol peice of ass (shit)
Man I will plarp yo ass
by foofypoof91 March 18, 2003
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