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A really cool word for 'lol'
bahaha, you suck ya stupid faggot
by foofypoof91 March 13, 2003
1. bad wrong

2. to fuck someone up
1. that was very bidong

2. man, i'm gonna bidong you up the ass
by foofypoof91 March 18, 2003
A really big pain in the ass person. Someone that you'd love to fuck up! but not fuck in the ass, that would be pretty fucked up and gross...
Dude! you're a fuck ass! come here so i can fuck you up!
by foofypoof91 March 15, 2003
sound made when you slop on a big ol peice of ass (shit)
Man I will plarp yo ass
by foofypoof91 March 18, 2003
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