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Welcome to Plainedge High School, where people actually have a drinking/drug problem by their sophomore year! There's a 13th grade in plainedge, we call it Nassau Community College. Nobody gives a shit about anything and half of the students come to school twice a week.

The freshmen throw themselves all over the older guys and try way too hard (I can name a select few off hand!). All the girls hate eachother, and start fights via facebook just about every other day.

Everyone makes up annoying words/languages which become widely known throughout the school within a week. For example, DOH, NAO, CARE, I SWEAR, GET EM, LIKE YOU, I MEAN I GUESS, YOU'LL GET HER, SICK LIFE, YES YES OH YES, UH HUHHHHH. Not to mention sarcasm is a 2nd language.

Chief and Sarge are the school's security guards who don't do shit. Grown men actually ride bikes around the school, An old woman who had an "accident" simply walked into the school and shit all over the girls' bathroom without being stopped.

Yes, there's most likely a crowd of kids drinking in a sump, park or at the high school on weekends just like every other town on the planet. The security guards that ride around in the jeeps are wannabe cops and everyone is friends with them anyway.

There's cockroaches when you open up the closets and dirty underwear on the locker room floors.

Everyone talks about how Plainedge sucks so bad but everyone knows they really wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
" I mean I guess that I swear that I care that I like PLAINEDGE alot! "

by Uhhhhhh Ben Dover!?!!?! January 05, 2010
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everyone who lives in plainedge knows there hood and loves it, the place to be on the weekends is always harmons or at schwarting to down brews and fuck people up. 99% of your school smokes pot and 100% of your school is always drinking everynigh of the weekend and summer, and you know the security guard who drives the jeep is a joke so when he tries to bust you, you laugh...the best damn place to be on LI
plainedge is so damn gutta
by joe cartsy October 11, 2007
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Plainedge. Glorious fucking Plainedge.

Plainedge is, hands down, the shittiest town in the United States. Not because it's dangerous or poor; shit no, there's enough rich white people that if they pooled all their money they'd feed all of Africa for like 50 years. No, Plainedge is shitty because there's absolutely dick to do. At ALL times. You know how most towns have at least one distinguishing characteristic or place that kicks ass that no one else has?

Yeah, Plainedge doesn't have one of those.

The closest thing to a 'landmark' in Plainedge is fucking Harmon's, a shitty little convenience store that all the freshmen and sophomores smoke tons of weed and become alcoholics behind. It always smells like shit because of how much everyone pisses and throws up behind it, but goddamn if everyone isn't there.

If you're not behind Harmon's, you're either hanging out at the High School, Packard, Schwarting, Eastplain or West. At these locations, you have a choice of 3 exciting activities; Drinking, Smoking Weed, or taking care of your friends that are about to fall over dead from too much of the previous 2 choices. That's it. That's all there is to do in Plainedge. Weed and Alcohol. All day. Every day. FOREVER. Get fucked up, go home, and play Halo/jack off/fuck your girlfriend or boyfriend/whatthefuckEVER.

There are no positive aspects of Plainedge. I mean, seriously, where the fuck do people die of heroin overdoses (RIP Natalie) besides motherfucking PLAINEDGE?

Plainedge is a shit town, and you're a dumbass if you think otherwise.

But I'm pretty sure everyone in Plainedge can agree that they'd never want to live anywhere else.

by some fucking guy from plainedg January 01, 2009
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plainedge kids are basically gay and the pussiest kids in the world . like every other school on long island they smoke,drink, and fight. but when they fight (island trees typically) they bring knifes and college kids. they try to take island trees kids turf and say its theirs for instance chemical, and everyone in levittown knows that island trees would kick the shit out of plainedge if they would just use their fucking fists.they stab people in broad day light and jump fat kids. (gerard)
typical plainedge convo
"what are u doing tonight"
"having a jerk circle behind the batting cage ur invited"
"rele awesome maybe we can finger each others butt holes for a little too"
by trauma mike May 03, 2009
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ok plainedge is basicaly the best town ever.every weekend everyone just basically gets drunk or gets high as fuck. you either hang out at harmon packard or dunkin donuts. everyone in the town loves to fight. whenever there is a town fight no doubt you will have kids to back you up. but the kids to beat are of course d-block. whenever there is a town fight no one fights without them. other than that the only bad thing is the fuckin 11 and twelve grade jocks who fuckin always start shit with freshmen cause they think there tough but when it comes to there age there just pussies. thats all there is to plainedge, get drunk, high, or just start fights
plainedge is the shit
by pseudonym asdfl;kj January 21, 2009
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A part of the Long Island suburbs where apparently, people know how to use computers and go to and...erm..."brag" on the internet about stupid shit that doesn't matter.

Like most of Long Island, this place is filled with tons of shitty kids.

Your town is no worse or better than any other bullshit, white-bread suburb anywhere on the planet. Get over yourselves.

This is why kids shouldn't be allowed the use the internet. Fuck.

"No, you're a typical suburban teenager."

by V for Vanuch February 27, 2009
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fucking greatest town on LI, the sport teams kill just about all the others, it is the greatest place to get fuked up all week long, and the kids there are ready to beat the shit outta every other town. The hangout spots are around around hicksville and jerusalem ave. and is just about the most kickass town u'll ever be in at night
Plainedge is a kickass town.
The man was drinking and having a great time getting fucked up and he realized he was in Plainedge.
Plainedge is the greast town in the world.
by Petter is Albino November 06, 2007
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