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A thing that weird people add to their screen names, (preferably before a number(usually representing their birthday)), user names, emails, etc, but refuse to explain the meaning of.
China: I got a new screen name it's awesome! It's LovesButterfliesPlac11389
Rope: Plac? What's Plac?
China: You wouldn't understand.
by Battiment September 04, 2005
Parked Like A Cunt.

When someone displays a clear inability to park vehicle in a socially acceptable manner, they are often referred to as PLAC's as they have "parked like a cunt"
Look at that dude over there..... he has the smallest car yet has parked over both spaces, and in a disabled space! Man, that guy's a PLAC!
by PLAC Admin February 07, 2014
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