Pixie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is truthful, understanding, funny, cute, beautiful and your best friend. She is tall with blonde hair. Everyone loves her!
This girl is stunning. She's a Pixie
by Monkey1 January 14, 2015
Usually the name of a tiny dog, whos owner is a money grubbing homosexual.
I know a pixie from Palos Heights
by Jewcob1010 October 09, 2015
The Act of Ejaculating onto a female and swiftly throwing glitter on the semen.
Kahlil: ahh bro i gave that bitch a pixie last night.

Tristan: Dayum!

Kahlil: Yea bro, had that bitch looking like something from twilight.
by Tig and DBD February 04, 2012
short for the best candy ever, pixie sticks
Dude I need a pixie.
by Megan June 12, 2004
(n.) Any of the smaller, very fast characters in Capcom's Marvel fighting games.
Scrubs love to play pixies like Strider, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, since their skills are generally limited to surprise attacks and combos.
by Milo D. Cooper August 30, 2003
a male efemminate heterosexual (metrosexual)
It's strange how he has a grilfriend... he's such a pixie!
by Adustus November 12, 2004
A really slow and dimwitted child
That girl's so stupid, i think she's a pixie
by Moolani March 05, 2011
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