1. n Used in conjunction with the word "sticks", becomes pixie sticks, which are full of sugar and a general big time all around health food.
We were going to smoke cigarettes, but we didn't have any, so we decided to smoke pixie sticks instead. Dang, that sheet was good, yo.

I stole the little kid's pixie stick and punched him in the face.
by bob23432234 August 30, 2005
a petite, short, skinny, lots-of-makeup-wearing, fake, fried-hair, small bitch that prances around flaunting her tiny tits and is dumb.
Man, that bitch is such a pixie with her fake looks and tiny tits.
by kuhmandzzz November 12, 2010
Someone with incredible dexterity usually in the finger and thus good at gaming.
Man... he kicked my ass.... he plays like PiXiE
by Leto Atredies July 26, 2005
A 6th grader in Middle School.

A minime, sometimes a toy muffin, or a tiny little person who goes to your school (only 6th graders).

(sometimes also spelled pixxie)
"I pixies! They're always in the way!"

"Poor little pixie! Getting picked on all the time. . ."
by *Kate Teh Gangster April 13, 2006
A Pixie is an evil version on a fairy...basically a bad fairy.
has wings and can be either male or female.
ME i am one of many evil pixies
by Evil Pixie October 31, 2005
A sixth grader
mostly he small anoying "un-cool ones"
but It can be used affectionalty buy cool/nice 8th graders
Hey pixie, get out of the back of the bus, thats for 8th grades, you'll get it in two years. But now I have earned it and I ge to sit there.

Hey cool pixie wanna go to 7-11
by NIkki! December 17, 2007
Small blue or purple creature depending on sex, Big ears, bowlegged, high on wacky tabacci and fly.
look at that high pixie fly
by Dillon June 21, 2004
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